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Sandalwood Limited Edition – Arraw

Limited Edition

Arraw (45mm)

Sandalwood | Italian Cowhide

$ 349.00

Classic Mens Wooden Watch Red Sandalwood Rose Gold Limited Edition - Arraw

Classic Red Sandalwood Limited Edition – Arraw

Discover an exceptional chronograph for exceptional people – this powerful combination of Red Sandalwood and black stainless steel is limited to only 300 pieces in total.

The Arraw Limited Edition Wooden Watches are made for the outgoing and style-conscious among us, for those who like to stand out well apart from the crowd. This is the perfect eye-catching timepiece for special events and memorable occasions. Arraw will always keep you on time – regardless of whether it’s the middle of the day or while you’re out in the city at night.

Materials and Features

Unique Materials

Our Arraw Limited Edition Wooden Watches come with a robust case crafted from red Sandalwood and stainless steel in black. The structure of the Italian Cowhide dial guarantees your piece is entirely unique, and the distinctively shaped bracelet links composed of these same materials perfectly complement this timepiece’s exceptional look.

Limited Edition

Only 300 pieces are available in total, each with its own unique serial number, which guarantees that the Limited Edition you’re seen with is a genuine one-of-a-kind.

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