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Top 10 Pros and cons of wooden watches – 2024 Reliable A Quick Guide

Pros and Cons of Wooden Watches

Handcrafted Ebony And Blue Stainless Steel Men's Wood Watch With Subdials And Date Window.
Handcrafted Ebony Wood And Blue Stainless Steel Men’S Wood Watch

There are several pros and cons to wood watches, so let’s take a quick look at them:

The pros of wooden watches

1. Unique and fashion

Every wooden watch is unique. unlike most classic watches, every wooden watch is entirely handmade. When working with wood, it is impossible to make any two pieces look the same. Every two watches, even if they are a part of the same production line, will be crafted from a different part of the wood, and each two parts will of the wood would have a unique pattern and some variation in grain and color. So buying a wooden watch, you can be sure that there’s no other watch like yours.

2. Eco-friendly

Depending on the wood they are made out of, wood watches can be very eco-friendly. wood is probably the most eco-friendly material. By its very nature, it is biodegradable, and the resources (water, electricity, workforce, etc.) needed to produce anything from wood are simply incomparable to the ones needed to produce the same object from metal. Moreover, companies like Ruban Watches are committed to preserving nature. For every watch they sell, they plant a tree. For anyone genuinely caring about the sustainability of the Earth’s ecosystem, purchasing a wooden watch is a great way to contribute to the protection of nature.

3. Hypoallergenic

You might be surprised to know that some people are allergic to different forms of metal since their bodies can’t tolerate contact with certain metals. People with such conditions can’t wear a wristwatch without causing harm to their health. On the other hand, a stainless steel wood watch is hypoallergic because it’s mostly made out of wood. If your skin is allergic to certain types of metal, silicone, or leather, a fully wooden watch may be your best bet.

4. Highly Durable

Contrary to popular belief, stainless steel wood watches are more durable than conventional wristwatches. This is because they are made with two different materials bonded together. The tenacity of wood combined with the sturdy nature of steel makes stainless steel watches immune to fall damage. However, taking care of your wristwatch goes without saying. So don’t start throwing it in places where you might lose it.

5. Very Comfortable

No longer should anyone worry about traces of plastics and unpleasant odors from prolonged contact of steel or plastic with sweat. Among others, they are very easy to wear thanks to their very lightweight.

6. Lightweight

Wooden watches are much lighter than typical metal watches. It’s lighter and more comfortable.

7. Wooden watches are affordable

Wooden watches are much lighter than typical metal watches. It’s lighter and more comfortable.

8. Easy to Engrave

Wooden watches are the gift that keeps on giving, partially because they look better with age and partially because they are easily engravable. That makes them ideal for Christmas presents, birthday presents, wedding gifts, and anniversary gifts – which is a pretty amazing ‘pro.’ Our Ruban watches have some of the best engraving options of any major watch company, allowing you to make your gift (to others or yourself!) all the more special. You can engrave just about anything, from a portrait to a short message to meaningful coordinates or dates and beyond. Just send us your idea, a font that you like, or your handwriting, and we’ll get to work. Simple as that.

9. Great for Gifting

An unmissable trend. It is often difficult to choose between an ordinary watch and a wooden watch. But, the advent of wooden watches gave a new image of watchmaking. This kind of accessory has conquered more than one. Both simple consumers and top models and fashion stars have greatly appreciated wooden watches. Wooden watches make great birthday, Christmas, or graduation gifts. For couples that follow the traditional wedding anniversary gift guide, the fifth anniversary is wood. A wooden watch is much more exciting than a cutting board or plaque!

10. Wooden watches are affordable

Even the most expensive wood watches are really affordable. Actually, most of the models are priced in the $29 to $300 range.

But perhaps the biggest advantage of the wooden watches over the classic ones lies in one very simple thing which, like all other things of real importance, can not be measured. Your wooden watch will give you a feel of warmth and coziness, which is so typical for living wood and which can not be matched by any of the metal or plastic wristwatches, no matter how beautiful and charming they may look.

Cons of Wood Watches

Nobody and nothing is perfect – not even James Bond. Not even wooden watches for that matter. Because of the very nature of the wood, the wooden watches are prone to scratches and they are afraid of water.
Ruban Wooden Watches For Men

1. Not Waterproof

Most wooden watches are not waterproof, or if they are, they are only resistant to occasional water splashes or light rain at best. There are very few exceptions to that rule – for example, the Portugal、Hunter model made by Ruban Watches, which is water resistant at 5 ATM. While they won’t rust from water exposure like metal watches, they will warp, discolor, or otherwise suffer from too much contact with water. That doesn’t mean they won’t survive a few sprinkles here and there, but it does mean you probably avoid wearing them in the shower, pool, or in a heavy rainstorm. After all, wood is an organic material and will absorb what touches it. This also means that wooden watches aren’t ideal for sports as too much sweat or dirt can also harm the watch.

2. Requires Regular Upkeep

Because of the nature of wood, you have to provide some upkeep to keep it working and looking its best. Typically, your skin’s natural oils are enough to keep the wood well-conditioned, but people with drier skin types will probably find themselves needing to treat their wooden watch with oils to keep the wood from cracking, splintering, or becoming brittle. You also must keep the watch away from lots of water, excessive sun exposure, and away from any excessive impact that could chip it or otherwise damage it. The best way to do this is to put it in a case or in a safe place like a drawer if it isn’t on your wrist. This is definitely not a watch to just throw around.

3. Not Suitable For Sport

If you love swimming, running, or playing sports, a wood watch may not be as good of an alternative for you. Sure, you can still take it off any time you’re about to engage in rigorous exercise routines, but a lot of sports people would prefer a sturdy plastic or silicone watch instead. Overall wearing wooden watches are very trendy nowadays, also it be considered as great gift idea for anniversary, wedding favors, etc. Please welcome to comment below and let us know your thoughts.
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