Olive wood watch
Dalmatian Olive Wood Watch Sky Quartz 34MM

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Dalmatian Olive Wood Watch Sky Quartz 34MM

Original price was: $179.00.Current price is: $79.99.

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Presenting Dalmatian: Sky Meets Wood in a Timeless Elegy from The Coast Collection

In the orchestration of luxury, it’s the notes of authenticity and craftsmanship that create a symphony. With the Dalmatian watch, we have composed a melody where the wonders of nature meet the hues of the sky, bringing forth an unparalleled timepiece in our illustrious Coast Collection.

Nature’s Opus in Olive Wood

Dalmatian’s bedrock is the rich Olive Wood, an embodiment of earthy warmth and centuries of nature’s wisdom. Revered for its intricate grain patterns and Mediterranean soul, each Olive Wood band narrates tales of ancient groves and whispering winds. This inimitable wood construction ensures every Dalmatian timepiece is a unique testament to nature’s artistry.

An Azure Embrace

Just as the day is lit by the sun’s golden rays, the Dalmatian is adorned with a dial of mesmerizing sky blue. This luminous facade, reminiscent of a serene summer sky, offers a tranquil counterpoint to the wood’s earthy charm. It’s not just a watch face; it’s a slice of the horizon, a touch of the infinite, cradled in the palm of your hand.

Precision, Sealed within 34MM

The beauty of the Dalmatian isn’t only in its external allure. Encased within its 34MM profile is a Quartz mechanism, ensuring that this work of art is also a beacon of reliability. Each second tracked is a blend of nature’s timeless beauty and human engineering prowess.

Sustainability with a Touch of Sky

In line with our commitment to a better tomorrow, the Olive Wood used in Dalmatian is sourced sustainably, ensuring that your luxury doesn’t come at nature’s expense. With this watch, you wear a story of harmony between man, nature, and the skies.

Why Dalmatian is More Than a Timepiece

The Dalmatian watch is a statement, a philosophy, a dance of the earth, and the skies. Whether you’re navigating boardroom debates or strolling beachside at sunset, its ethereal charm and grounded elegance make it the perfect companion.

For those who hear the songs of the skies and feel the pulse of the earth, the Dalmatian is not a mere accessory; it’s a symphony on the wrist. Delve into a world where the sky’s expanse embraces nature’s textures with the Dalmatian.

Embark on a journey where the azure meets the earth. Secure your Dalmatian from The Coast Collection now.

Own the Horizon. Experience Dalmatian Today.

Watch specs

Brand:Ruban Watches
Wood Type:Olive Wood
Glass:Mineral Crystal Glass
Movement:Japanese Seiko Movement
Clasp Type:Push Button Hidden Clasp
Strap:16mm tapered Olive Wood strap
Case Size:34mm
Case Thickness:12.5mm
Water resistance:3 ATM Splash Water Protected

Wood type

Olive Wood comes from the fruit-bearing olive tree and is a strong and durable wood type with a fine uniform texture with moderate natural luster. It has a distinct, fruity scent when being worked. It has a range from light to deep brown tints and has a distinguishable feature of an oil-like grain pattern.

Wood Types:Olive Wood
ORIGIN:Southern Europe
WEIGHT:990 kg / m3
HARDNESS:12010 N (Janka scale)
Olive Wood Watch

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Olive wood watch
Dalmatian Olive Wood Watch Sky Quartz 34MM

Original price was: $179.00.Current price is: $79.99.

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