Purple Heart Wood Watch
Amalfi Purple Heart Wood Watch Pink Quartz 34MM

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Amalfi Purple Heart Wood Watch Pink Quartz 34MM

Original price was: $179.00.Current price is: $79.99.

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Discover Amalfi: A Symphony of Nature and Craftsmanship from The Coast Collection

In a realm where luxury timepieces abound, a watch must be more than just functional—it must tell a story, evoke emotion, and symbolize a unique blend of tradition and innovation. Meet the Amalfi, the crowning jewel of our distinguished Coast Collection.

A Testament to Nature’s Elegance

Every glance at the Amalfi reveals the splendid beauty of Purple Heart Wood a rare and cherished timber celebrated for its rich, deep hues. Each watch showcases a different pattern, making every Amalfi not just a timepiece but a one-of-a-kind artifact. With the gentle curve of the wood juxtaposed against the soft pink dial, this watch is an exquisite tableau of nature and artistry.

Precision at its Core

But beauty is not just skin deep. At the heart of the Amalfi lies a precision-crafted Japanese Quartz movement. Renowned for its accuracy and durability, it’s housed within a perfectly proportioned 34MM case, offering a comfortable fit that’s both noticeable and subtle—perfect for every occasion.

Embrace Sustainable Elegance

The Amalfi isn’t merely an accessory—it’s a statement of conscious elegance. The ethically sourced Purple Heart Wood underscores our commitment to luxury that’s also kind to our planet. In today’s world of fleeting fashion, Amalfi stands as a testament to sustainable luxury that’s designed to last.

Why Choose Amalfi?

The Amalfi isn’t just another watch—it’s an experience. Every detail, from the warm embrace of the wood to the soft sheen of the pink dial, is an ode to nature, craftsmanship, and timeless elegance. Whether you’re at a boardroom presentation or a candlelit dinner, the Amalfi is not just a watch—it’s a conversation piece.

For the discerning individual who values rarity, sustainability, and unmatched elegance, the Amalfi is more than a choice—it’s a declaration. Embrace a piece of art, a slice of nature, and a dash of luxury with the Amalfi.

Begin your journey with an ode to elegance and nature. Secure the Amalfi from The Coast Collection today.

Order Today. Elevate Every Moment.

Watch specs

Purple Heart Wood Watch
Brand:Ruban Watches
Wood Type:Purple Heart Wood
Glass:Mineral Crystal Glass
Movement:Japanese Seiko Movement
Clasp Type:Push Button Hidden Clasp
Strap:16mm tapered Purple Heart Wood strap
Case Size:34mm
Case Thickness:12.5mm
Water resistance:3 ATM Splash Water Protected

Wood type

Purple Heart Wood is While renowned for its often deep, rich purple hues, Purpleheart is actually one of the toughest woods in the world.

Widely available as lumber in good widths and thicknesses, Sometimes called amaranth, this colorful Latin American hardwood is tremendously popular for furniture and other designs that call for a unique splash of color.

In addition to its coloration, purpleheart has excellent strength and weathering properties and can be used in applications where strength or durability is important—a wood with both form and function.

Wood Types:Purple Heart Wood
ORIGIN:Central and South America
WEIGHT:905 kg / m3
HARDNESS:11,190 N (Janka scale)
Purple Heart Wood Watch

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Purple Heart Wood Watch
Amalfi Purple Heart Wood Watch Pink Quartz 34MM

Original price was: $179.00.Current price is: $79.99.

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